AMQP 1.0-compatible adapters and plugins for other software components

AMQP nodes for Node-RED

A set of nodes for Node-RED that makes it easy to integrate AMQP in a flow application

Camel AMQP component ESB

Rule-based message routing and mediation

Collectd AMQP write plugin LOGGING

Filter and distribute system monitoring data over AMQP

Kafka AMQP bridge

Connect AMQP clients to Kafka clusters


An AMQP feed provider for OpenWhisk

Rsyslog AMQP output module LOGGING

An Rsyslog plugin for sending log messages to an AMQP message bus

Spark Streaming AMQP connector ANALYTICS

An AMQP data source for stream in Spark Streaming

Spring Boot AMQP starter SPRING

Spring Boot starter for AMQP messaging using JMS