Messaging servers

AMQP 1.0-compatible servers for building messaging networks

Apache ActiveMQ JVM

A popular and feature-rich Java message broker

Apache ActiveMQ Artemis JVM

A high-performance, multi-protocol Java message broker

Apache Qpid Broker-J JVM

A Java message broker that supports all versions of AMQP

Apache Qpid C++ Broker LINUX WINDOWS

A message broker implemented in C++

Apache Qpid Dispatch LINUX

A lightweight message router with advanced networking features


IBM MQ supports AMQP 1.0 since version 8

Pivotal RabbitMQ AMQP 1.0 plugin

An AMQP 1.0 plugin for the RabbitMQ message broker

Red Hat AMQ Broker JVM

A high-performance, multi-protocol message broker based on Apache ActiveMQ Artemis

Red Hat AMQ Interconnect LINUX

An advanced message router based on Apache Qpid Dispatch

Solace PubSub+ Message Broker DOCKER LINUX WINDOWS

A fast message broker with flexible deployment

SwiftMQ Universal Router JVM

A scalable, high-performance messaging system